10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (2024)


Best sites to watch Tamil movies online free

Streaming movies online is one of the favorite activities for the present youth. Not only the present youth but also the old generation are also fond of watching movies.

They look forward to the platform which allows them to get access to their favorite movies easily. Among all the movies, Tamil movies online hit at the top.

Earlier we have shared yesmovies alternatives, to watch Hollywood movies and TV Shows for free.

Tamil movies are always best to have when one wants to enjoy some extraordinary suspense and action. These movies are filled up with extraordinary effects throughout the scenes.

If you also wish to enjoy Tamil movies online and not sure which portal to consider or trust on, you are on the right page.

Just have a look at all the options we are providing you to watch your favorite Tamil movies for free and easily.

Tamil movie websites list – Top 10

1. Hotstar

10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (1)

Hotstar is one of the best applications for streaming favorite Tamil movies online. It is available in free and premium versions both.

With the free version, users will be able to access some limited content. However, with the premium version, you have the choice of unlimited content.

The interface of the platform is quite neat and clean. A user can install the application on their respective mobile devices or can simply browse on the web version as well.

Along with Tamil movies, it is equipped with TV shows, Sports, news, and so on. A user can just put out the filters and get the content.

The search bar is at the top of the page, allowing the individual to search for their favorite content. The languages available on this portal include Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, English, etc.


2. Online Movie Watch

10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (2)

For all those users who do not want to themselves to be equipped with any hassle of searching different sites, the Onlinemoviewatch is the best to consider.

Without any registration, a user can browse through movies.

Along with Tamil movies, a user can browse movies in different languages, including Malayalam, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Kannad, Gujarati, English, Hindi, and Punjabi.


3. Watchtamilmovies.online

10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (3)

Watchtamilmovies is becoming the desired choice for all the users who wish to browse Tamil movies online.

From 2017 till yet, people are satisfied with it. As you have access to different shows on Hotstar in the same manner, this portal will allow you to browse through movies and shows for free easily.

Different options are available in the movie and TV section. A user can choose any of them. All the latest Tamil movies are available, and a user can browse through them easily.


4. Tamil Rasigan

10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (4)

Tamil Rasigan is a platform which is specifically developed for all the Tamil movie lovers. There is no need for a user to do any registration.

Full-length Tamil movies for free are available, and a user can enjoy them easily. Also, the collection is arranged from New to Old, and a user will have an uninterrupted service.

If a user wants to have a great site for streaming, this will become a source with minimal advertisem*nt and buffering.


5. Online Movies Gold

10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (5)

Online movies gold or Movies Gold Pro is a streaming platform for both the best sites to watch Tamil movies online for free and TV shows.

A user will be able to browse through movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood as well. On this portal, movies are available in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and other regional languages.

Categorization has been done based on chronological order or according to the release date. It let the user navigate through their favorite content easily.

For all the Hollywood and Bollywood lovers, this portal is best to have. Old to new, all the Tamil movies are available here.


6. Bolly2Tolly

10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (6)

If you are looking forward to a platform that allows you to browse through Tollywood and Bollywood movies simultaneously, then this Bolly2Tolly is best to have.

The name is also identifying the same. The content available for users looking for Tamil movies online is up to the mark, and they will not face any kind of trouble because the advertisem*nt is very minimal here.

Languages preferred on this platform include English, Telugu, Hindi, and others. As per your choice, you can select the language.

Moreover, the bottle’s interface is user friendly, and the quality of the content will also be up to the mark.

The website server and Torrent speed are up to the mark, and movie lovers have a perfect choice. This is hands down one of the recommended free Tamil movie website on this list.


7. Hungama

10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (7)

For all the users out there who do not want themselves to be equipped with the hassle of trying multiple platforms for different content, Hungama is the best place to have.

Hungama is the best site for Tamil movies online. It is a paid service available to users. Also, if you wish to get available with content in Indian languages, the option is there.

The database is quite huge, which allows you to find your favorite movies easily. A user can simply put the filters and search for the respective movie.

This portal also allows the users to sort the movies based on language. If you are ready to pay a little amount for entertainment, this portal will become a one-stop destination for you.


8. YouTube

10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (8)

How can one forget considering YouTube when it comes to browsing your favorite Tamil movies online? We all know YouTube is a hub of content.

When we are looking forward to some great content or any help, YouTube is our first choice. For Tamil movies online as well, this is the best choice to have.

There is no need for you to worry about anything because the performance you will get is up to the mark.

Along with movies, news, songs, Educational, videos, reviews, comedy, and so on are available, helping you browse through the content easily.

Additionally, there is no need for you to pay even a single penny for the same. A user can select the quality as per the internet connection they have in the device.


9. Today PK movies

10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (9)

For all the Tamil movie lovers Today PK movies are a one-stop destination. This platform allows the users to select the movies from the list.

The database available is quite huge here. Also, if a user wants to search for a specific movie, just need to enter the same search bar. Within minutes, results will get displayed.

When a user clicks on the movie, they will be going to get to the details about the country, language, director, IMDB link, etc.

If you wish to download the movie option for the same is also there. The best part is that the user has four options available to play the movies.

In case one is not working in your favor, you can switch to another and stream through the content.


10. Gofilms4u

10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (10)

Last but not least, gofilms4u is one of the most recommended site you wish to watch different movies and TV shows.

Again there is no need for a user to do any registration. Full high definition movies are available in multiple languages, including Bollywood, Tamil, Hollywood, and some dubbed versions of International and regional movies.

It is very easy to use, and a direct URL is available to watch the movies. Some movies which are often not easily available on the internet are also available here.

This will be going to act as a stress buster as you will be going to browse through the content according to your choice.



Tamil movies are always best to have when one wants to spend their time with something amazing and full of suspense with a touch of actions.

Therefore just consider the best portal for streaming Tamil movies online so that no trouble will arise in any case. Select your favorite movie and start streaming.

Within no time, you will be able to get content that is helping you step out of your boredom.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any other best site to watch Tamil movies online for free. I will update them as well! Happy movie and stay safe!

10 Best Sites to watch Tamil Movies Online | Stream Free (2024)
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