'Embarrassing' Ronaldo 'showed his true colours', fumes legend as BBC troll him (2024)

CRISTIANO RONALDO has been labelled "embarrassing" after missing a penalty for Portugal and bursting into tears.

The Manchester United legend is yet to find the back of the net at Euro 2024 and he became increasingly desperate to score as time ticked on during the last-16 clash against Slovenia.






Ronaldo grew more and more frustrated as he fired shots over the bar and continuously tried to beat opposition goalkeeper Jan Oblak with ambitious free-kicks.

But with the game 0-0 in extra-time, the 39-year-old striker then got his golden chance to score from the penalty spot.

But Ronaldo's effort was brilliantly saved and the distraught icon then began to cry as he was consoled by team-mate Diogo Dalot.

The cameras even panned to his mum Maria Dolores, who also looked distraught in the stands.


'Embarrassing' Ronaldo 'showed his true colours', fumes legend as BBC troll him (6)
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'Embarrassing' Ronaldo 'showed his true colours', fumes legend as BBC troll him (7)
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When analysing his miss, the BBC brutally trolled Ronaldo with the caption "Misstiano Penaldo".

He eventually made amends by scoring in the shootout and apologising to fans as Portugal won to book their spot in the quarter-finals versus France.

But with his desperation to get a goal overshadowing the win, Ronaldo was slammed by ex-Premier League star Didi Hamann.

The former Germany international, who was working as a pundit on Irish TV, took aim at him, saying: "I bought into all that 'Ronaldo has turned into a team player because he needs the team more than he used to'.

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"I bought into that nonsense - but I think he showed his true colours again tonight.

"Missing the penalty, he starts crying on the pitch, he starts crying at half-time in extra-time. And I'm thinking it's all about you.

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"There's a squad of 26 players, there's 20 staff, there's 30 or 40,000 fans in there, it's not about you.

"You try to be mutual, but I was cheering Slovenia on because I though the reaction was embarrassing, I thought it was out of order.

"I've never seen anything like it, because once you show emotions, once you get emotional, it's the end of it.

"So that was the point where the manager had to say, 'you've got to come off because you're not in the right frame of mind to carry on playing'.

"Credit to him he took the first penalty and he took it well, it was a very good penalty.

"But as I said I bought into all that 'Ronaldo's turned into a team player'. It's absolute nonsense.

"All he thinks about is himself. He scores the penalty and apologises to the fans, he doesn't need to apologise.

"He will start the next game but I can't see any other outcome than a France win."

The team working on the BBC for the game were more sympathetic.

Micah Richards said: "Shows his passion for the game."

Ex-Portugal defender Jose Fonte, who won Euro 2016 with Ronaldo, said: "He's an emotional guy, he feels the game, he wants to score more than anything else."

After Portugal went on to win the shoot-out, in which Ronaldo netted Portugal's first spot kick, Alan Shearer applauded his professionalism.

The ex-England centre-forward said: "It's hard enough going up to take a penalty anyway.

"But taking a penalty in that situation when you've just missed one at such a crucial time, I mean, unbelievable."

Ronaldo explanation

Ronaldo defended his emotional outburst and claimed his alleged selfishness was due to "enthusiasm".

He said: "It is without a doubt my last European Championship. But I don't get emotional about that, I get emotional about everything that football involves.

"Because of the enthusiasm I have for the game, the enthusiasm of seeing my supporters, my family, the affection that people have for me.

"It's not about leaving football, because if I do, what else would I need to do or win?

"It won't be about getting one more point or one less point. Making people happy is what motivates me the most.

"We have a tough game now against France, who are one of the favourites to win.

"But we're going to war, the team is doing well and I'll always give my best in this shirt.

"I missed the penalty but I wanted to be the first to score, because you have to take responsibility."

Manager Roberto Martinez added: "First of all, he’s a player who is a constant example to us.

“We are talking about the only player who has ever played in six European Championships and has that responsibility, that desire, that belief.

“In a young man, those emotions would be incredible.But someone who has won everything and experienced everything, doesn’t need to care that much.

“And that’s why I thank him for being the way he is, for caring for the group.

“For being someone who, after missing a penalty - and only the people who take penalties can miss them and you have to give credit for a great save to the keeper - wanted to be the first penalty taker.

“I knew, I was certain, thathe had to be the first penalty taker and to show us the way to the victory

“We’re all very, very proud of our captain.

“The dressing room was delighted with what he’s done and I think he gives all of us a lesson that you need to live every day as if it is the last one you will have.

“Life and football gives you difficult moments and the way he reacted is a real example and we’re very proud of in Portuguese football.”

Goalkeeper Costa said: "We all know Cris is the hardest worker. I understand how frustrated he is because he devotes all his time to our cause.


'Embarrassing' Ronaldo 'showed his true colours', fumes legend as BBC troll him (16)
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'Embarrassing' Ronaldo 'showed his true colours', fumes legend as BBC troll him (17)
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“Everyone makes mistakes but what matters is what we do after mistakes.We all felt we needed to keep believing.

“For me it’s an honour to play on the same team as him."

How Portugal have performed at the Euros with Cristiano Ronaldo

'Embarrassing' Ronaldo 'showed his true colours', fumes legend as BBC troll him (18)

CRISTIANO RONALDO has been a model of longevity for more than two decades in an outstanding international career.

Euro 2004

After making his international debut in 2003, Ronaldo's first Euros came in 2004.

Ronaldo marked his Euro debut with a goal in a 2-1 defeat to Greece - his first for Portugal.

He scored his second in the semi-final win over the Netherlands, but Portugal met Greece again in the final, losing 1-0 in shock result.

Euro 2008

Ronaldo wasPortugalcaptain four years later but Euro 2008 was the least impactful tournament he's had.

There was still time for a standout performance, though, asRonaldo scored onceand set up two more in a group-stage win over the Czech Republic.

Euro 2012

Playing at Real Madrid at the time, Ronaldo was the top goalscorer at Euro 2012, with three goals, including a brace in the group stage against the Netherlands.

Portugal's quarter-final against Czech Republic was heading towards a stalemate with 10 minutes to go and they needed a special moment from him.

His powerful header in the dying minutes took Portugal to the semi-finals where they lost on penalties to Spain.

Euro 2016

Ronaldo scored three goals in Euro 2016, with Portugal crowned CHAMPIONS after defeating France 1-0 in extra time in the final.

After suffering an injury inside the opening 16 minutes against France, he was forced to watch from the sidelines.

Yet the Portugal captain became a cheerleader, and helped coach his team-mates to the historic victory.

He matched Michel Platini's record of nine goals by the end of Euro 2016.

Euro 2020

Ronaldo made history again with FIVE goals at Euro 2020, the most of any player at a Euros.

Yet it was arguably Portugal's least exciting affair, as they exited in the Round of 16 following a 1-0 defeat to Belgium.

With his goals in this tournament,Ronaldobecame the top goalscorer at the European Championship with 14 goals.

'Embarrassing' Ronaldo 'showed his true colours', fumes legend as BBC troll him (2024)
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