That Mexican OT - La Cobra Lyrics (2024)

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Y no quiero aser le nojar Le voy entocar una cumbia y se que lo va encantar..

OT's Verse
I might buck around and pop a jigga this all make me bop a little f*ckin on yo bitch ill make that lil ho tell you "ballin nigg*" i push up looking sporty with this .40 and make his face blow and im beatin up these nigg*s make me scream f*ck draco

Ot's Verse 2
Im southside steppin chicken if they got a problem with me bitch im ready for beef i f*ck on a bitch, bitch im ready to eat i got hustle in me yall dont want it. i got thangs i gotta get on my chest i got people that wanting me dead but they know im exchanging a leg, im J.F.K hit or hit broad day leave him dead boy light up a cup from a purple ray bullets went through his vertebrate gun him down with a dirty K im from dirty bay what we do with the murder beuy no i ain't here to play im here to catch a prey i might just hit his fame and i got his f*cking brain ima count up on a mil then i count another mil again spin around your block then i spin around around your block again ima knock that lil hoe down and then ill knock that lil hoe down again take back right to the chopper and guess what cause i knocked that down again

3rd verse
Y no quiero aser le nojar Le voy entocar una cumbia y se que lo va encantar...

drodis verse
Ill knock your brains out hoe im packing pills to smokin droe im on my mexican ass sh*t ill pay you in for the load so if you need it i got it and if its clean ima cop it and when i need my dick sucked i call yo bitch cause she rockin ca ca catch a plane off a friday either way ima buy it i ain't trippin what you sayin just dont come out of pocketfind my case for complaints smokin 20 for a g i only like expensive weed man i dont smoke cheap cause bitch i ain't cheap ima spank some weed you think this is what the memory keep yo bitch on her knees make a hoe say please and then the bitch with degrees i done selled so much weed i couldve filled up the seed its that big dro d the hoe sittin on me no i dont smoke swishers only paper and leaves i keep some catillac keys i only ride 4 G’s and if you wanna whole piece they start at 4 G’s huh

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That Mexican OT - La Cobra Lyrics (2024)
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