Xenonauts Tech Tree (2024)

1. Tech Trees | Xenonauts Wiki - Fandom

  • Contents · Laser Weapon Tech Tree · Plasma Weapon Tech Tree · MAG Weapon Tech Tree · Armour · Vehicles · Aircraft · End Game Tech Tree.

  • Warning: This list contains spoilers about the tech tree and endgame content, read at your own risk. Note that the list starts from early game tech to late game tech. Please note that as of the recent Steam release most if not all of these tech trees are somewhat out of date and need to be updated, since several research options have been removed or reshuffled. Alien Pistol Alien Rifle | | | | |_________________________| | Alien Plasma Technology | | Laser Weaponry | | Heavy Laser Weapons Alien

Tech Trees | Xenonauts Wiki - Fandom

2. Research - Xenonauts Wiki - Fandom

  • Research is a vital part of the game, it is essential to allow the Xenonauts to acquire new technology and eventually win the game.

  • Research is a vital part of the game, it is essential to allow the Xenonauts to acquire new technology and eventually win the game. Especially since the Xenonauts are outmatched by the Aliens in weapons and technology. In order to start a research project you simply need to select a project and let your scientists get to work. However in order to start the research you need the following. A research project. A Laboratory. Scientists. You will also need any minimum resources needed to start the p

Research - Xenonauts Wiki - Fandom

3. Tech Tree Overview - Xenonauts General Discussion

  • Meer resultaten van www.goldhawkinteractive.com

  • First of all, this is obviously a spoiler. So if you want to find out the techtree yourself, don't read further. When I looked in the net for a tech tree all I found was the wiki entry over here: http://xenonauts.wikia.com/wiki/Tech_Trees But without already knowing all the technologies this over...

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5. Xenonauts 2 Official Wiki - Hooded Horse

  • Xenonauts 2 is a sci-fi strategy title. Wage a global war of resistance against an alien invasion. Command turn-based tactical battles, build a network of ...

  • The official wiki for Xenonauts 2, developed by Goldhawk Interactive and published by Hooded Horse

6. Xenonauts 2 - TechRaptor

  • RESEARCH TREE: Xenonauts 2 has an even more extensive research tree than its predecessor, allowing the player to unlock new battlefield equipment and ...

  • A sequel to 2014's Xenonauts, Xenonauts 2 continues your adventure as the commander of an elite military force that is trying to fend off an alien invasion.

Xenonauts 2 - TechRaptor

7. Xenonauts 2 - June Update | RPGWatch Forums

  • 18 jun 2019 · This update will introduce some new artwork, some major upgrades to the air combat, and further work on the tech tree and alien progression.

  • The June update for Xenonauts 2 talks about progress so far. Xenonauts-2 June Update! It's been a busy few weeks here at Goldhawk HQ, and we're happy to announce that last month saw the release of Closed Beta V5 and the subsequent V5.1 Hotfix patch. This build contained several major new...

8. Documentation: Modular mods system - Xenonauts Forums

  • ... tech tree. - 95x extra soldier faces: 78 brand new ones + 17 unlocked from custom portraits. Featuring 3 new portrait categories: Indians, Arabs and Gurkhas ...

  • This is currently a dump of the principles of how the system works, for those who already want to use it. Proper documentation will be posted later, whenever I find the time (so if you do not understand this description of the mechanics, do NOT needlessly post about it). Also, just in case there would be somebody who would enjoy turning this into an actual documentation/howto, tell me and feel free to do it. I'd frankly rather be writing code than howtos.

9. -30% Xenonauts 2 on GOG.com

  • The research tree is vast, with over one hundred projects to unlock, allowing you to take on the alien threat with your own personal strategic and tactical ...

  • From city building to grand strategy, turn-based tactics to RTS, see more strategy gam

-30% Xenonauts 2 on GOG.com

10. November Progress Update & Base Tile Pics! news - Xenonauts - IndieDB

  • 27 nov 2012 · In short, we're working on it now and the next release (V18) will be "beta stage 1" where we unlock the entire tech tree. Despite our best ...

  • What've we been up to for the last few months? And what is it going to look like when you fight inside your own base? Read on to find out!

November Progress Update & Base Tile Pics! news - Xenonauts - IndieDB

11. Trivia / Xenonauts - TV Tropes

  • If you got far enough into the tech tree, you could have fielded pilots in Mini-Mecha, in a less permanent version of Enemy Within's MEC troopers. Mods ...

  • Dueling Games: With the new official instalment Enemy Unknown, though Chris England is cordial about the competition, as is Jake Solomon, the Enemy Unknown project lead. Dummied Out: A lot of things in between versions of the Alpha/Beta build (ex …

Trivia / Xenonauts - TV Tropes

12. Xenonauts (Video Game) - TV Tropes

  • ... Tech Wishlist Reviews Tools. Cut List Image Fixer New Edits New Articles Edit ... The psionics research tree turns out to be a dead end: Humanity has no psionic ...

  • In 1958, Earth made first contact. A UFO was spotted heading for the U.S. Ruled out as an ICBM due to its suddenly changing course for Iceland, it proved deadly to conventional aircraft and was grounded but not destroyed with the Nuclear Option.

Xenonauts (Video Game) - TV Tropes
Xenonauts Tech Tree (2024)
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